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Like Reese’s, just less edible! – Trains Impressions

Do you remember those Reese’s commercials? The ones where one person says “You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!” and the other goes “You got your peanut butter in my chocolate!” Yeah. Reese’s are good, aren’t they? Trains is kinda like Reese’s. Except you can’t eat it. Well, I guess you could eat it, but I pity your digestive system for trying. So, how does Trains compare to Reese’s candy? Let’s find out!

Note: I’m not calling this a review.  These are just my impressions of the game with some descriptions on how the game is played.  I just have this thing about calling something a review, where I never feel like I’ve played enough of a game to be knowledgable enough to write a “review”.  So, these are impressions.  And their mine.  You can’t have them!!  All right, you can read them.

Note 2: I’m still continuing my “no major revision/rewrite” pledge (which I actually didn’t make publicly).  Some minor tweaks here and there, but my goal is to continue to spew out stream of conscious writing.  In all transparency, I added this note about halfway through this post because I felt like it was about to go off the rails.  HA! RAILS! I didn’t even plan to make that pun, it just happened! *sigh*  unintended puns are the best kind of puns.
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Modern Life Support: Mental Illness and Gaming

I used to write on a tumblr that I called Modern Life Support.  I used it to talk about personal development topics and my own personal struggles with depression and anxiety and finding my way through this crazy thing we call life.  I hope to be able to bring some of those thoughts over to this blog, and connect them to my experiences in hobby gaming.  A good gaming friend, Eric Leath of the Games And Grub blog recently shared some details of some personal struggles he went through at GenCon that resonated with me, and I wanted to share some thoughts regarding mental illness and my encounters with it in my hobby gaming experiences.  NOTE: I am in no way a mental health professional.  I have zero training.  I’ve been through therapy and work with a psychiatrist.  All that I share is my personal opinion.  But first, I’ll give a little back story as to why I started Modern Life Support, after the jump.

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Thoughts on GenCon 2013: The Third and Final

Oi! Ok, I’m gonna finish up GenCon 2013, at least from an overview standpoint with this post.  Honest.  Scout’s honor.  I wasn’t a scout.  I stayed inside a lot.  Except when I played with my g.i. joes or legos in mom and dad’s rock garden.  *cough*

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Thoughts on GenCon 2013 Part Deux

Hey everybody!

You came back! Awesome!  I should really stop using exclamation points so often! Let’s get down to it, then, shall we?

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Thoughts on GenCon 2013 Part 1

So, I’m sitting here in a bit of a fog.  It’s not a bad fog necessarily.  And it’s not a literal fog, although it was a little foggy overnight and this morning.  No, this is just one of those fogs that you’re in after you’ve experienced something new that you’re not accustomed to.   That, or I’m still really tired from being in the car for 5+ hours.

Yesterday I arrived home from my very first GenCon trip.  It was quite the experience, let me tell you.  No, seriously, allow me the opportunity to tell you about it.  When thinking about how I wanted to organize my thoughts about GenCon, I started to have grand designs to have all these nifty sections with headings and Top X lists and such.  Will I do that?  OoooOOooh, suspense!!!

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Hey guys!

So welcome to this thing! I don’t know what this thing is going to be, but it’ll more than likely be about games, my experiences playing games, the people I meet and the friends I make while playing games, and games.  I may have listed games there twice.

So, you’re probably saying to yourself things like “Oh great, yet another blog. wooptie do!” or “Pssh, what’s he going to say that’s any different that what others say” or “What should I have for dinner?  I should stop at the grocery store on the way home.”  In response to those thoughts, I’ll just say I have no idea.  Maybe meatloaf.

My main purpose for starting this is that I primarily talk about board games on Twitter and it’s hard to convey my thoughts in 140 characters.  I hope to use this to share longer form versions of my thoughts.  I have no mission statement or goal for this thing.  I’m just gonna spout off about my hobby and the games, people, and other things I love about it.  And if anybody reads it, that’s cool!

Anywho, I don’t really have a good name for this thing, so for now it’ll be copax plays games.  My first post (no, not this one) is going to be some ramblings about my experiences at GenCon 2013, so stay tuned for that!