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GameNight Recap for June 25th – The Diceman Cometh! (and winneth)



It’s wednesday night, so you know what that means! Ye…well, ok, that may be what you’re doing on wednesday night, but for me and some of my coworkers it means it’s GameNight!  Everything we played tonight involved dice, and it involved some crazy skilled rolling by one of the players.  Click through to hear more!

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Modern Life Support – Panic Attacks, Expectations vs. Reality, and Stress. OH MY!

Not pictured: Me, hiding in a restaurant bedroom

Not pictured: Me, hiding in a restaurant bathroom

Man, if I was in Dorothy’s shoes, my feet would be KILLING me.  Also, I’d be freaking out big time.  I’d be so stressed out just from the munchkins singing, I’d go back in the house that killed the wicked witch and never come out.  In my head, I’d be saying “I’m not supposed to be here, this is wrong.  This isn’t how this was supposed to go.”  I know this because I went through a couple situations at Origins 2014 that left me feeling the same way.  Read on to hear more about them and what I did/didn’t do and what I should/shouldn’t do in the future.  Apologies in advance, this post got super long on me.  I won’t blame anybody if they decide not to read it 🙂

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Fun Farm – Don’t judge a book by it’s squishy farm animals

This farm gets government subsidies just for growing "fun"

This farm gets government subsidies just for growing “fun”


Sometimes I want a nice meaty euro game.  The kind that makes your head spin with the choices available to you.  Where if you’re not planning out your moves in advance, you won’t have a chance at winning.  The ones that have mechanism after mechanism with a theme only a euro gamer could love.  Fun Farm is the epitome of that kind of game.

What’s that?  I’m being told that I’m full of shit and to be honest with you guys.  Ok, Fun Farm is nothing like anything I described above.  Read on to find out what Fun Farm actually is!

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Origins 2014 Recap Part 1: The Con that succeeds in spite of itself

At least I don't think they were.

Don’t worry. No Humans were eaten.

I’m really tired, guys.  I’m fighting to stay awake at least until 9pm so I’m not going to bed too early.  Why am I so tired?  Oh, I don’t know, it might have something to do with being in Columbus from the 10th until this morning, playing god knows how many games until at least 2 in the morning.  Nahh, that’s probably not it.  Origins 2014 random stream of consciousness Part 1 awaits!

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Welcome back!

+10 points if you can honestly say you don't have the theme song stuck in your head now.

If I weren’t so tired from Origins, I might’ve gimp’ed my name onto this image. Also, “Welcome Copac Kotter” just sounds stupid.

Sooooo….hey.  What’s up?  How have you been?  How’s your mom and them? Good, good, glad to hear it.  Do you remember back to, ohhh, let’s say, around September of last year?  Yeah, those were the days, weren’t they?  We were so young, so full of life.  Don’t you just wish we could go back to those days? Back to September of last year?


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