GameNight Recap for June 25th – The Diceman Cometh! (and winneth)



It’s wednesday night, so you know what that means! Ye…well, ok, that may be what you’re doing on wednesday night, but for me and some of my coworkers it means it’s GameNight!  Everything we played tonight involved dice, and it involved some crazy skilled rolling by one of the players.  Click through to hear more!

Let me start off by explaining my wednesday night GameNight.  A couple years ago, a coworker asked me a couple other IT guys if we wanted to stick around one night and play some games.  This was relatively early on in my gaming addiction, so one could say this person helped push me over the edge. (I’m looking at you, Matt)  Anyways, through a series of unfortunate events, Matt had to leave the company, and move to Pittsburgh.  (NOTE: While I’m from Northeast Ohio and I’m reportedly genetically predisposed to hate everything to do with Pittsburgh, I actually don’t.) After Matt left, I decided to take up the reins and turn his idea into a regular thing.  Over time, I got company approval to run it, and invited the entire company to join us! Ok, so we only got a couple of new people out of that, but still a success!  The players vary from week to week depending on schedules, but if I can get at least two other people, then I’ll bring in some games and teach them.  So, with that backstory out of the way, let’s get into tonight’s GameNight!



The first game of the night was Würfel Bohnanza.  I got tipped off to this gem of a game by both Darrell Louder and Matt Wolfe, with the latter teaching me to play at Origins 2014.  After a quick rules explanation, we dove into the game.  Right off the bat, I had a feeling it was going to be an interesting night.  And before long, Dan had completed his first card.  Like completely, cashing it in for 4 bean coins or whatever the currency is.  Chuck and I lagged behind a bit.  I stupidly let myself get hung up on a card for too many rounds of no progress, eventually turning to a cash in as quick as I could strategy.  (SPOILER ALERT: I did not win).  Before too long, Dan had completely filled out his second and third cards.  His dice rolling was unprecedented.  He either plays a lot of craps, or he kept pulling dice from his sleeve, which would be really impressive considering he’d never seen Würfel Bohnanza dice before.  Finally, Dan got his 13th bean coin, ending the game, with Chuck in 2nd place with 7, and me in dead last with 6th.  All right, Dan got lucky.  Let’s ramp things up a bit and move on to something a little heavier!



Game 2 of the night was Istanbul.  Now this one doesn’t involve dice that frequently, but son of a bitch, wouldn’t you know it, whenever Dan needed to roll well, he did.  He crushed it at the Tea House out of the gate, and every time he visited after that.  He also quickly picked up on the optimal routes the basic game provides.  I’ll talk more about that when I get around to doing an impressions post on Istanbul.  Chuck and I again lagged behind Dan.  Eventually Dan’s master class on Istanbul was one step away from winning him the game.  He had 4 out of the 5 rubies to Chuck’s 3 and my 2.  And Chuck and I were powerless to stop him.  Game 2, again, goes to Dan.


Chuck and Dan needed to call it a night, but I was bound and determined to take down Diceman Dan, so I quickly whipped out Angry Dice.  I got off to a commanding lead, blowing past 1-2 and 3-4 with relative ease.  I even got my 5 locked.  But damned if I couldn’t roll that stupid 6! I finally got my 6 at the exact same time that Dan rolled his 5-6.  A tie.  A mother fucking tie.  I’ll get you one of these days, Dan!

All in all, it was another successful GameNight.  And I don’t hold any grudges against Dan, by the way.  As long as everybody has fun at my GameNight’s, I don’t get hung up on wins and losses



….too much.


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  1. Bean currency is called “Thalers”. Also, no evening of Angry Dice should end in a tie. Tie break that shizzle, play again for true victory! 🙂

    • I was so stunned by the turn of events that he snuck out stealthily. Also, he had to get home to feed his pup, and pup feeding trumps Angry Dice, I’m afraid

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