Copac Learns A Game – Praetor


One of my closest gaming friends (Tiffany @IneptGamer Bahnsen) has told me a few times in the past that I’m really good at learning how to play a game cold.  As in, I can open the box, take the rules, and generally within 10-15 minutes, have a solid enough handle on the game to start teaching it.  She gave me a great idea for a blog post.  She picked a game, Praetor by Andrei Novac, that I had no prior knowledge of.  My challenge is to read the rules PDF for it, and document as best I can my process for learning the game.  I have no clue how good this post is going to turn out, it could end up just being a wall of gibberish and text.  But I think it’s a fun challenge and maybe people can glean some tips or trick into how I learn the game.

So, I started typing this post up last night and got the idea to do it in a video format instead of just typing something out.  Now, these videos are really rough.  They are done in the same stream of consciousness style as my posts.  Unedited and raw. I already have plans for the next one to do it with the rules pdf on screen at the same time.  And I need to work on ways to shorten them up.  But it’s a first attempt and it’s something I can learn from and do better next time.

If you’re a brave enough soul to watch both videos, please leave me any feedback whatsoever here, on twitter, or in the youtube comments.  Let me know what I did poorly and what I did well.  Let me know if there’s any portion of it all that you found beneficial or that you gleaned something from.  Thanks in advance for bothering to watch any portion of these 🙂

Part 1 is me basically reading through the rules, and trying, when I can remember, to give some insight into what I do to try and learn the game.

Part 2 is a continuation of Part 1  since I didn’t know about the iMovie limit.  Part 2 also contains a mock teaching session, where I try to take what I’d learned and teach the game.




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