GameNight Recap for July 9th – Bluffapalooza!

p-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face

p-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face

It was a light crew for GameNight this week.  Just me, Dan, and Abhishek.  And we only got two games in.  But man were they a couple of doozies! And they’re both brand spanking new! Read on to learn more about Lost Legacy: The Starship and Seventh Hero.

2014-07-09 17.40.57

First game of the night was Lost Legacy: The Starship by Seiji Kanai and Hayato Kisaragi from AEG.  At first glance, you’re going to look at this and say. “Oh, is this a new version of Love Letter?” And then I’ll explain the rules and you’ll be all like “Yeah, it’s kinda like Love Letter, but not” And then we’ll play it and you’ll be all “Huh.  That’s not Love Letter”.  The big difference I see in Lost Legacy: The Starship vs. Love Letter is with LL:TS there’s the potential for much more hidden information.  That and the end game is much more involved with the Investigation phase vs. who has the highest card.  This one definitely will stay in the collection alongside Love Letter, but further impressions will come later. Back to GameNight!

This one took a little while to get off the ground.  Neither of my players had played Love Letter.  And the first game of it ended oddly, due to some confusion.  But we played it a couple more times and it started to click for everyone.  Abhishek took two out of the three games we played, with Dan getting the win on the last game.  There was much bluffing and we learned that Abhishek is a much tougher read than we had anticipated!

2014-07-09 18.32.14

The second and final game of the night was Seventh Hero by Kuro also from AEG.  I was up in the air on whether this one was going to be any good.  I knew LL:TS was going to be good, because it’s a Kanai game, and I love Kanai games.  This one gave off some Kanai vibes, so I was hesitantly hopeful.  This game is also surprisingly full of bluffing as you’re trying to get a set of six out of seven heroes in play in front of you to win.  This ended up being a good followup to Love Letter, and the guys were primed and ready.  Dan and Abhishek bounced the lead back and forth between each other, while I sat in the corner killing off heroes left and right.  Getting six out of seven heroes is one way to end the game, but the other, and the way we experienced, is when the draw deck runs out.  If that happens, you play out the turn and whoever has the most heroes wins.  Dan and Abhishek were tied.  It came down to Dan and a choice between keeping a card or passing it back to Abhishek to keep.  After an agonizing minute of deep thought from Dan, he decided.  He sent the card back.  Again, Abhishek’s poker face came through and he had bluffed his way to the win.  Dan stormed off in frustration! (Not really, Dan had to leave early tonight, but he was miffed at the loss).  I ran into Dan in the parking lot after we had packed up and he said that he hated the game, but that he also really liked the game.  Yet another love&hate game for my collection!

All in all, once again, another awesome GameNight was had.  I’ll be sure to post more detailed impressions of both of these titles in the near future!


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  1. Abbishek really needs to take up poker … he’s unpredictable.

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