Bootleg Iron Design Challenge Footage

So, I was walking through the vendor hall at GenCon and this weird looking guy came rushing up to me. He was out of breath, with a haggard, unkempt look about him. Looking him in the eyes, I saw a fire the likes I’ve never seen before. “DUDE! Take this! Make sure it gets seen! Fight the Power! BRUNO!!!”, he spit-shouted at me before rushing off haphazardly, attempting to jump the rope line surrounding the Paizo booth. He didn’t quite get the clearance he needed, and proceeded to knock over an entire rack of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game playmats. Luckily for him, they’re soft, so he bounced back up, looked around, and took off again. I stood there for what felt like 10 seconds in a daze, before realizing he had somehow slipped an old school VHS tape in my hand. It was in a dog-eared cardboard sleeve from what appeared to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze tape with a “Hello my name is” sticker on it with the words “1r0n Brun0 4 Lyfe” written on it.

Naturally, I quickly hailed a cab, made my way to the nearest Radio Shack, left the Radio Shack because they don’t actually have anything useful in them anymore, and ended up in a sweet elderly couple’s home, where I watched the tape using their VCR, which was covered in a crocheted cover with a working flap for the tape. As I sat there, letting the footage wash over me like a wave of pickle juice and loan paperwork, I suddenly realized what I had to do. I had to type in the youtube url that was on the back cover of the vhs tape (which incidentally would’ve been much easier than finding a vcr and watching the tape, but Mildred Higgenbottom’s snickerdoodles were worth the trouble) and then make a blog post about it.

This is that blog post.

So, this, dear readers, is bootleg footage of the Iron Design Challenge 2014.


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