Origins 2015 – I LIKE LISTS! (What I’d like to play)

That guy has a name, but I refuse to look it up for fear that it'll summon him and he'll eat my stuff.

That guy has a name, but I refuse to look it up for fear that it’ll summon him and he’ll eat my stuff.

We’re about two weeks out from Origins 2015, and I like making lists, so I’m gonna make some lists that pertain to Origins.  Today’s list is made up of games that I’d like to play this con season.  Some are new, some are old, some I own, some I don’t.  Click through to see the listiness for yourself!

I went through the top 1000 games on BGG as well as my personal wishlist, and compiled a list of games I’d like to play.  Actually I compiled two lists: Games That Are New Or New To Me (aka the GTANONTM List) and Games I Own That Don’t Get Played Or I Want To Play Again (aka the GIOTDGPOIWTPA List)


Abyss – This one was a hot item at last year’s GenCon but seemed to be a bit hit or miss.  People seemed to love it or hate it.  And somehow I’ve yet to play a game of it.

Broom Service – This one’s a reimplementation/reimagining/something of Witch’s Brew and is the first of the Spiel/Kennerspiel des Jahres nominees for 2015 that I want to play.

Caylus Magna Carta – I’m pretty sure this is the oldest (2007) game on my list by a good margin.  This is the card game version of Caylus.  For a while, I was extremely attracted to card/dice versions of regular games.  I guess it triggers the same neurons that get a kick out of consolidating games into smaller packages for Con travel (Hint, Hint! That might be list #2!)

City of Iron – Ryan Laukat has made some pretty well-received games, including Eight-Minute Empire, The Ancient World, and Empires of the Void.  Funny Origins story, I’m pretty sure I was sitting in the Hyatt lobby nearby while he was pitching a game back at my first Origins back in 2012. City of Iron is an older game of his, but one I haven’t had the chance to play yet.

Clash of Cultures – I’m kind of a sucker for Civ games.  Both digital and cardboard.  Even though I’m not very good at them and barely play them.  I know, I’m weird, this isn’t news to me.  Clash of Cultures and Nations came out around the same time.  Clash was the one that looked most analogous to a PC game.  I ended up trying Nations for the first time last year at Origins, and want to continue my Civ tradition with Clash this year.

Elysium – New Hotness!!! This one has been on my radar for a while now, and has been getting some positive buzz as of late.  Hopefully I can snag a copy or at least get the chance to play it.

Evolution – This one’s been around a little while, and a second edition’s on Kickstarter now.  I’m not sure why I’m interested in this one.  The art and the theme don’t really attract me, but it’s one of those “I should probably play this game at least once” kind of games.

The Game: Spiel…so lange du kannst! – Another *des Jahres nominee that I honestly had zero knowledge of until the nominees were announced.  It sounds like it’s something right up my alley, and it’s by the designer of QwixxSteffen Benndorf, so I’d like to give it a try to see if I should snag a copy.

Grog Island – This one features an interesting auction mechanic that uses the pips on dice to raise bids, as well as gathering resources.

Historia – Hey! Remember when I mentioned Civ games? Oh you don’t? …Wha….Ok, well, I assumed you were reading along.  My bad.  Anywho! Historia is YACG (Yet Another Civ Game) that I want to get the chance to play.  If for nothing else, but to get a closer look at it’s fascinating board.

La Boca – This one has intrigued me for a while, and I nearly picked up a ding and dent copy of it last year, but didn’t pull the trigger.  I’m not totally sure it’s one I’d be able to get played often, so I want to play it first.

La Granja – This right here?  This is my #1 must-have game for 2015.  Ok, ok, bold claim, I know.  I’ve played this once so far, and was immediately smitten with it.  If I had been able to find a copy for less than $100, I probably would’ve snatched it up.  I’ve got it on preorder from Stronghold, and may still try to see if I can get a copy at Origins, but at minimum I want to play it again.

The Voyages of Marco Polo – I hadn’t heard of Marco Polo (the game, not the dude, I knew of the dude) until I watched a walkthrough video from the wonderful Michael Wißner.  I got a very Feld-like vibe from this one, and it’s gotten very strong buzz.  This is another one I’d probably buy at Origins if I could, but would be happy with at least getting a play of it.

Mysterium – This co-operative, deduction, murder mystery game was all the rage last year.  I don’t have a good sense of why it’s so well received, and want to give it a fair shot and play it before judging.

Orléans – I’ve already got a deluxe kickstarter edition of this one with my name on its way to me eventually.  I’d love to give this a play, as it’s very high on my interest list.

Patchistory – Hey! Remember when I …. *sigh* never mind.  Civ games!! Unique mechanisms! I want to play it!

The Staufer Dynasty – I will freely admit I have no idea what this game is about or like, I just heard some people speak very highly of it.

Walnut Grove – I had this on my wishlist years ago, but never got around to looking into it further.  I’ve heard good things about it, so hence why it’s on the list!

Yedo – Pretty sure I’ve heard this title referred to as a more complex/deeper Lords of Waterdeep.  I absolutely love LoW, and want to see if the rumors are true.


Argent: The Consortium – There’s SO MUCH going on in this game, that I need to play it more to figure out if I like it.

Hyperborea – I’ve loved the couple of times I’ve played this bag-builder gem.

Impulse – I bought this when it came out and have never played it.  ever.

Nations – Hey! Civ games!

Red7 – I feel like this one has potential to really jump higher on my list, but the couple of times I’ve played it, they didn’t go well for me.

Trajan – I finally have this Feld beauty in my collection, but I highly doubt it’ll get played much, so con season may be one of the better chances to get that done.

I have no delusions that I’ll get all of these played this con season, and I guarantee that there will be others that I haven’t even thought of that are going to leapfrog these games, because I get con attention deficit disorder!  Anyways, I’ve written way too many words here, and I’m pretty sure nobody’s read all the way down here, and no jumping to the bottom doesn’t count!

Is it time for Origins yet?!


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