GenCon List #2 – My Top Moments!

Looking at this logo makes me feel like I should stand excruciatingly close to a group of sweaty stinky people while carrying an inordinate amount of games.

Looking at this logo makes me feel like I should stand excruciatingly close to a group of sweaty stinky people while carrying an inordinate amount of games.

GenCon is such an overwhelming extravaganza of epic proportions.  It’s a sensory overload that after the four days are complete, you feel like you’ve been in a marathon mixed with a hurricane mixed with the running of the bulls in pamplona mixed with a herd of cows mixed with a metric asston of meeples, cards, bits and boards.  But in all that cacophony and chaos, there were a handful of moments that stood out to me.  These are those moments.  CLICKY CLICKY!!

These moments are in no particular order, and there were plenty of other wonderful times that my post-con fuzzy brain is struggling to recall. (Note to self: Take an extra day off after GenCon next year to just do absolutely nothing.  No travel, no laundry, no adulting in general).

  1. Iron Design 2015 – The Building The Game Podcast guys, Jason Slingerland (@JASlingerland) and Rob Couch (@poorly_designed), started a wonderful new event last year called the Iron Design Challenge.  It pits two game designers in a head-to-head battle of wits, design chops, and dance moves.  This year’s Iron Design challenge featured Jason Tagmire (@jtagmire) and Josh Mills (@JoshuaJMills) as competitors.  The biggest highlight of the event was the fact that Rob and Jason were able to coerce bribe convince world famous board game designer Bruno Cathala (@BDMontagnes )himself to appear as a judge.  It’s fitting since the Iron Design Challenge trophy is affectionately named the “Iron Bruno”.  In my humble opinion, Josh was robbed and should’ve won on his impressive white suit alone!
  2. Breaking Wonky with Jason Kotarski (@jasonkotarski) – Jason is my absolute favorite con friend I’ve made since I started going to game conventions.  Dude’s a trip, hilarious, real, and just an all around amazing person.  Jason and I needed some lunch, so we headed back to my hotel to grab some Subway.  We headed up to my room to eat and just decompress and chill.  We decided to break out Wonky, the crazy block stacking game.  Watching Jason literally smack his cubes down and stay standing was blowing my mind.  Then we proceeded to get all 9 of the blocks to stack and not fall.  We both looked at each other, thinking we’d just broken the game.  Had my reading comprehension skills not been lacking at the time, I would’ve realized that whoever stacked that last block was the winner, but instead we sat there for a good minute not really sure what to do.
  3. Playing Discoveries with Matt Wolfe (@mattwolfe), Matt Snodgrass (@msnods), and Jason Kotarski at 2am – Discoveries was the heaviest game I purchased this GenCon by a country mile.  So, naturally the perfect time to play it is at 2 am!  Things started off all right, but then the late night punch drunk giggles started.  We had to stop the game as we laughed our asses off over comments about Jason the explorer writing in his dream journal and wetting his breeches for some reason.

These are my moments.  Please share your moments in the comments or with me on Twitter @TheCopac !


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