Origins 2016 Recap – The one with Pikachu’s butt


Picture courtesy @pikachusbutt on Twitter

Origins! It happened! There were games! And Pikachu’s butt! Click through to learn more!

Origins 2016 didn’t have nearly as many big ticket items as year’s past, at least from this reporter’s perspective. But that doesn’t mean it was a bad show by any means.  And it also doesn’t mean that I didn’t buy a ton of games that I have no place for and didn’t need to get.  And since is “The Con You Go To To Play Games With Friends”, there were plenty of games played.  And new friends to make.  And food to eat.  So, I present to you, in no particular order or logic, my Origins 2016 awards!

Best Game of Origins 2016 – Castles of Burgundy The Card Game


Seriously, that’s all there is to the game.  Battery not included.

No, CoB Card Game wasn’t available to purchase at Origins 2016.  But that won’t stop me from making it my game of the con.  (in the immortal words of Eric Cartman, “What-eva! I’ll do what I want!”).  The fact that Mr. Feld was able to pack a CoB-esque experience into a stack of mini cards not much taller than a AAA battery is amazing.  This one is never leaving my go bag now.

Best Game of Origins 2016 That I Actually Bought at Origins – Dice Heist

No, I will NOT make a doge joke. But that’s a cute picture nonetheless.   
Photo from BGG user TrevormBenjamin (

Now, I know what you’re saying.  “Copac, why the hell is there a picture of Pikachu’s butt on this post?!” And the answer is “You ask too many questions, Nosey McNoserson!”  You are also probably saying “Uhh, Dice Heist? What about Guilds of London, Imhotep, or any other number of higher profile releases?” I know, I know.  There’s just something about Dice Heist that charmed me.  It’s not a terribly big step above Roll For It in terms of complexity, but I still think it’s a very solid light push your luck dice and card game.  I can see this one getting some good plays at family gatherings.

Biggest Disappointment of Origins 2016 – Guilds of London


To be clear on this one, Guilds of London is not a bad game.  I think it has a lot of good things going for it.  It’s just unfortunately not a game I enjoyed playing.  It was a little too nasty for my taste, and it was one I didn’t think I’d get to the table.

2nd Biggest Disappointment of Origins 2016 – AEG/Guildhall: Fantasy Box of Holding

I wasn’t sure how to describe this one, because I think Guildhall is a fantastic game and AEG did make my Best Game of Origins, but dammit AEG if you didn’t Thunderstone the shit out of Guildhall.  Fantasy re-theme?. Ok, I guess. Better(?) iconography? All right. New Characters?  You have my attention.  Those new characters being split across three $28 sets? Uhhh, what?! Making me think that the EMPTY box of holding was a part of a bundle and/or free when your booth person added it to my stack without asking me or telling me it was $6? C’MON MAN!  Wait, maybe this one should be me for buying it all.  *sigh*

Best Meal of Origins 2016 – Melt


Shit.  I need to go grocery shopping before I can make dinner tonight. And now I’m going to eat this laptop.


Origins 2016 MVP – Kit, my twin from another…..word that rhymes with twin that means mother or father or parent or something.  Oh and Rooooooooof too

Ruth, Kit and I hung out quite a bit this week.  We also played games together 21 times.  It’s always good to find a con buddy that you can keep meeting up and getting in sync with. I was lucky to have a pair of con buddies.  It was Kit’s first Origins, and I certainly hope he enjoyed himself, but he was a blast to hang out with.  We decided that we were twins, and will be optioning the rights to make a sequel to Twins.

And Ruth is the best.  Just the best.  Even when she kicks my ass at almost everything we play, except for Siggil and Holmes and Mycroft, which I consider flukes since it was Sunday.  It sucked waking up on Monday and not meeting up with them.

And finally the award you’ve all been waiting for….

Best Landmark/Best Butt – Pikachu’s Butt


Pika Pika! Pika!

Photo courtesy @TheOneTar (

Pikachu’s Butt shone bright day and night.  It was the lighthouse beacon in the storm of gamers.  Lost gamers could always follow it’s fuzziness (well, not really fuzzy because it was a balloon) to find sanctuary of like-minded gamers.  It became more recognizable than the perennial landmarks: The Blue Noodle, The Booth For That One Crazy Dice Guy, The Furoticon Booth, and The PNC ATM Outside of Registration. Conventions of the future would do well by bringing on this celebrity (@PikachusButt) to guide and comfort their attendees.

So that’s it.  That’s all I got.  For now! MWAHAHAHAHA *cue forbidding music*


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