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I’m still here!….just not right now

Presuming I have any actual “followers”, I figured I should let you all know that I’m still here even though I haven’t posted anything lately.  Life kind of got in the way for a little while, and my head is a bit twisted currently.  I’m in a pretty deep funk and haven’t as of yet found my path out of it.  I’m hoping that I can kick this thing soon, what with GenCon practically around the corner.

Anyways, this post is pretty worthless, outside of saying that I still plan to write stuff again, hopefully sooner rather than later.


Welcome back!

+10 points if you can honestly say you don't have the theme song stuck in your head now.

If I weren’t so tired from Origins, I might’ve gimp’ed my name onto this image. Also, “Welcome Copac Kotter” just sounds stupid.

Sooooo….hey.  What’s up?  How have you been?  How’s your mom and them? Good, good, glad to hear it.  Do you remember back to, ohhh, let’s say, around September of last year?  Yeah, those were the days, weren’t they?  We were so young, so full of life.  Don’t you just wish we could go back to those days? Back to September of last year?


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Hey guys!

So welcome to this thing! I don’t know what this thing is going to be, but it’ll more than likely be about games, my experiences playing games, the people I meet and the friends I make while playing games, and games.  I may have listed games there twice.

So, you’re probably saying to yourself things like “Oh great, yet another blog. wooptie do!” or “Pssh, what’s he going to say that’s any different that what others say” or “What should I have for dinner?  I should stop at the grocery store on the way home.”  In response to those thoughts, I’ll just say I have no idea.  Maybe meatloaf.

My main purpose for starting this is that I primarily talk about board games on Twitter and it’s hard to convey my thoughts in 140 characters.  I hope to use this to share longer form versions of my thoughts.  I have no mission statement or goal for this thing.  I’m just gonna spout off about my hobby and the games, people, and other things I love about it.  And if anybody reads it, that’s cool!

Anywho, I don’t really have a good name for this thing, so for now it’ll be copax plays games.  My first post (no, not this one) is going to be some ramblings about my experiences at GenCon 2013, so stay tuned for that!