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Copac Learns A Game – Praetor


One of my closest gaming friends (Tiffany @IneptGamer Bahnsen) has told me a few times in the past that I’m really good at learning how to play a game cold.  As in, I can open the box, take the rules, and generally within 10-15 minutes, have a solid enough handle on the game to start teaching it.  She gave me a great idea for a blog post.  She picked a game, Praetor by Andrei Novac, that I had no prior knowledge of.  My challenge is to read the rules PDF for it, and document as best I can my process for learning the game.  I have no clue how good this post is going to turn out, it could end up just being a wall of gibberish and text.  But I think it’s a fun challenge and maybe people can glean some tips or trick into how I learn the game.

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